Every business should aim to target the right audience by creating a visual story that relates to their potential clients. I have decided to dedicate this page for profiles of the clients I ideally target to work with.


Startups & small businesses

I offer an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs who start their business and need someone to create and navigate their visual assets online and layout their printed literature. In addition to the idea and the execution I  offer an important marketing skills and the knowledge of how to approach and target your customers.

Established Companies

Established businesses

If you don’t need to hire a full time designer but you need someone from time to time to help with your projects, this is when you can contact me. Even if you have an in-house designer but the work is overflowing and you have an important deadline to meet. I can offer you that vital help in a strictly professional manner.

Individuals and Developers

Developers or individuals

If you are a talented web developer who has hand full of projects but doesn’t specialise on creative design I can offer you ideas, sketches and mock ups to cover your ideas in a professional way.
If you are an Individual who needs a professional touch to your personal idea I can help you with the creative execution.

Creative agencies

For creative agencies that are constantly expanding and in need of an urgent help with laying out graphics or an assistance with creative ideas, Marinova Design will be the perfect match. I offer an easy communication with the ability to clearly understand the project enquiries and respond in a professional way.

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