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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a target audience. Content marketing attracts prospects and turns prospects into customers by creating and sharing relevant content. It also helps companies create sustainable loyalty, provides valuable information to consumers and creates a desire to buy products from the company in the future. In short, it builds trust and understanding with the audience.

The main focus should be the needs of potential or current customers. Once the company has identified their needs, the information can be presented in various formats, including news, videos, e-books, white sheets, newsletters, case studies, guides, photos, blogs. Content must be continually updated to influence customer behavior.

content services

A stack of services for content

Creating content for a corporate website including text, photos, corporate identity

Creating social business profiles and publishing relevant business posts

Managing company blog, creating themes and categories, publications and graphics

Building campaigns with customer-centric content

Create content for other online platforms and business catalogs

Design of advertising banners with content consistent with company identity

Content, design and pre-printing of company materials


when creating content for business

Main activity →

A description of the company’s core business must appear in many places in the content. Whether it is dealing with production, services or other activities, the company must be described in the text with all the features of the industry. It is helpful to have a synthesized text and an expanded version.

Ways of business →

The ways the business reaches the user, whether through online store, distribution, business to business, selling directly to customers, stores, wholesale or otherwise. There must also be complete information on delivery, time and prices for execution. The more complete and accurate information you provide, the less you will engage in phone calls and emails for explanations.

Specification of products / services →

What and how it is produced, types, descriptions, how to proceed when applying the service, and all other specifications that would help the user. Any information facilitate and at the same time helps the buyer’s decision. Explanations can include download formats, videos, photos, infographics, comparisons, tutorials and more.

Company facilities →

Many companies nowadays rely on full transparency and share details of their activities. This happens to be a strong marketing tool, as it creates a sense of stability and builds trust. This information can include availability of facilities, machines, offices, buildings, everything the company has to offer for the creation and supply of the products.

Employees & company community →

Employees are family members for the company. They are the link between production and customer. As a human resource, they also create a sense of truth and human attitude. That’s why it’s helpful in the content to have stories about employees and their personal qualities. Information on departments, suppliers, partners, and all company supporters may also be included. This creates the company community.

Achievements →

It’s always good if you can brag with something. Information on business participations, competitions, certifications, and other related to performance achievements. First of all, this information increases the credibility of the company and creates supporters. Here you can also add a description of business history over the years and what are the achievements on the way.

Mission →

Be transparent for business goals! The more direct you are with customers, the more loyalty you get. The mission of the company may be in terms of environmental protection, product innovation, training, promotion and more.

Contacts →

Contacts with the company and employees must be an integral part of any content. All printed materials, webpages, advertising messages. How to connect should be clear and accessible at first glance. Sometimes only a logo and a webpage are sufficient as a reference.

marketing benefits

How does content contribute to successful business marketing?

Attract attention and generate users

Content is the gateway to the business, as well as the way the customer goes through to reach the target. The goal set by the company is also the goal of the user only when he is convinced of the content.

Expansion of the customer base

The more extensive the content, the more users will attract. This is logical! With expanding information, more opportunities are created, and more customers attracted.

Generate or increase online sales

This depends a lot on the quality of the content as well as the functionality. So when creating content, focus on the marketing sales funnel. Facilitation on the way contributes to success.

Increasing awareness and trust for the company

The content describes the specifics, ways of applying, activity information, and all that informs people about your business.

Create an online community of users

The community is created around a cause, need, conviction, psychological attitude, etc. These is how the content is created to reach the audience.

Customized personalized ad and expression of emotions

Content is created with different formats and platforms. The options are numerous and the personalization of the content is the basis of success.

business quotes

according to established professionals

“The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.” IDC

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” Lee Odden

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” Jon Buscall

“Deliver a product once a month, but an experience every day.” Lars Silberbauer

“Mediocre content hurt your brand more than doing nothing at аll.“ Joe Pulizzi

“If you are not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.” Gary Vaynerchuk

price for content marketing

Depending on the scope and requirements

Landing Pages Design

What are the prices for content marketing? Depending on which of the segments are needed, an approximate cost is calculated taking into account the complexity of the project. The cases are different:
– when you have the exact idea of your needs and you do not require any further advice and you just want to complete the job
– when you have no idea what you want and you need a full co-operation and an adequate proposal,
– if you have some of the brand elements and you need additions,
– if you need a re-brand or a complete transformation of what you have,
In all these cases, the price may be formed in segments, timewise or in the scope of work. Keep in mind that there is always something extra emerging, which requires more time and resources in the name of a quality outcome.

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