About Marinova Design

Marinova Design has been founded with the aim to deliver creative marketing and design services for companies and individuals. Main values are the easy communication and the professional approach to each project. The concept of delivering design services virtually is offered on different online platforms from years now and it gains more popularity with each positive experience. Marinova Design follows the same principles of delivering services using online communication! The customer satisfactory rate will be maximised from the fact that only realistic cases will be taken into account with a tempting estimation. The appeal we send is ‘Definitely worth to try’

About me

I have worked in London for 8 years and graduated BA Graphic Design in UK. At present I am Bulgarian/British citizen based in Bulgaria and traveling on work trips when necessary.
I am involved in Photography and Graphics since 2009 and my experience in the field led me to seek more interdependency and start my own business as an outsource creative. I have chosen visual marketing to be my mission in my professional life and the fact that it is something that I enjoy doing suggests that I am constantly developing and updating my skills. I approach every project with dedication and attention to details as it is something personal. My aim is to build a long lasting relationships with individuals & companies, looking for a professional creative services for their business projects.
Note: for a bigger projects or a longer lasting contract I am willing to travel or relocate!

About Marinova Design

Why choose remote assistance?

In the last years the way of work drasticaly changes with the aim of the business to safe on time and resources. The evolution of internet allows us to communicate easier and reach out customers in a convenient way. Why not creating a strong virtual connections with employees as well?
It is important to calculate the advantages in such relationship, employee-creative artworker:

1. Worldwide reach – you can choose the right assistance with no limitation of location
2. Professional touch – you know for sure that the dedication and professionalism are the main promoting point of the creative artworker. The online portfolio will give you an idea of the style of work offered.
3. Time – you can reach your virtual assistant in convenient for your time and platform.
4. Deadline – sometimes causes stress and many mistakes on the way. A dedicated artworker will consider the project deadline within it’s own timetable and you wouldn’t worry about working hours limitations.
5. Desk-free – you wouldn’t worry about setting up a place and software for your creative assistant.
6. Contract responsibilities – it will come down to an agreement for a particular project and you wouldn’t need to employ full time professional if not needed. READ MORE

My approach

To give you an idea of the process and my approach to each project, here is how I proceed:
Research – what ever project I work on I always take time for thorough research in relative topics, history, visuals and vocabulary.
Plan/ Strategy – I would always list a planning priorities on which I can start working and develop ideas. Then I start brain storming on the topic and filter the potential ideas
Development/Mock-ups – I start drafts and mock ups which are the first stage of the final outcome
Final Outcome – On each of this stages you will receive my updates for your comments and consideration in order to create a relative to your vision outcome. READ MORE


I am qualified as a BA Graphic Designer Graduated in United Kingdom in 2016

Previously I have accomplished BTEC in Graphic Design in London, UK

I have completed online course with certificate in Google Digital Garage

I have completed online course with certificate in Inbound Marketing

I have completed online course with certificate in Adwords Fundamentals

I have completed online course with certificate in Google Analytics

I am experienced in digital photography outdoors and in studio

Main Skills
Graphic Design 100%
Adobe Indesign 97%
Adobe Photoshop 88%
Adobe Illustrator 80%
Newsletter Design 84%
Social Media & Blogging 80%
Creative Strategy 91%
Copy writing for SEO 73%
Landing Pages Design 86%
Design for Print 98%
Brand Identity Design 99%
Digital Photography 99%
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