Editorial Photography is commonly part of the marketing campaigns. It is meant to tell a story and visually illustrate your ideas. I have also involved my photography skills for marketing campaigns, product showcases, conceptual ideas and more. In the whole package is the idea, the execution, selecting and editing of the photographs.


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Street Photography, Conceptual Photography, Campaign Photography, Studio Photography, Retouch

I offer high quality marketing and design services at bargain prices for startups and established businesses. Most beneficial for you would be the offer for a whole brand project because the investment will bring a return for your business in a longer period. What do I suggest in this package of services:


Elements of visual identity to be applied to all corporate assets: logo design, typography selection and formatting, color palette, recognisable design elements, advertising photography and image processing, branding of various company materials, buildings, shops and more.


The offer may also include the layout of all company documents and promotional printed items, product catalogs, manuals, brochures and so on Visual layouts for exhibition stands, corporate events, billboards and other large-format corporate ads.


As an indispensable part of online business marketing, I offer a customized offer for a corporate website with a content strategy. copywriting, Managing and creating topics in a corporate blog, Social networking management and publications. Strategy and design newsletter campaigns and other creative marketing materials.

I offer all these services as separate segments, but in order to show professional attitude to your business and what you represent you must keep the consistency on all platforms. A price enquiry of these marketing services will also inform you further about the investment I am suggesting.