The ultimate marketing lead generation funnel

The ultimate marketing lead generation funnel

These are the tools and platforms that are involved in the process of attracting the attention and you should consider most of them in your digital marketing strategy

-Advertisement & Marketing Campaigns – web ads, TV or radio commercials, printed ads, billboards, press release, newsletters

-SEO – keywords, link-building, PPC

-Content strategy for online presence- landing pages, copywriting, images

-Social media strategy – which platforms to use, automation tools, paid ads

-Blogging – engaging & relevant content, keywords, internal links

-Analysing – Google analytic, social media insights, customer back-feed

-Word to mouth – articles from influencers, forums, guest bloggers, social media shares & likes, Affiliate marketing

-Events – Trade Fairs, Presentation Meetings

Once you attracted the attention of the viewer you need to have your content strategy ready and everything that will build the taste of your company mission and promise.

-Website experience – branding & design, landing pages design, Images&Videos, User interface, relevant copy

-The company’s policy – price policy, turnaround time, delivery options

-Social media – communities, content, followers, testimonials

-Blogging – relevant content, keywords, links, uniqueness, design, tone of voice

-Printed materials – catalogues, stationary, flyers, corporate literature, corporate documents, packaging, invitations

Build a friendly and informative user experience so the viewer can potentially turn into a customer. This includes any strategy that will lead him to purchase.

-User interface – call to action buttons, testimonials, opt-in forms, product videos

-Building client database – newsletters, direct emails, presentations, customer service, product samples, followers

-Social media engagement & blogging – shares, hashtags, images, info-graphics, fun & trending content

-Product/customer focused marketing – pricing, quality, delivery, turnaround time, benchmarking, newsletters, feedback, presentations, analysis, improvement

Yeaa … you got the customer! Now you have to make him spread the news about your offers by keeping up the standards.

-Customer service
-Quality Products
-Price Strategy, Relevance
-Purpose/Good Cause
-Overall brand experience

Create reasons for the viewer to choose your business again and to stay with his choice for a long time.

-Regular updates – website banners, newsletters, social media posts, blogging, calls

-Products/services strategy – innovations, surveys for feedback, customer service, discounts, price policy.